620 Mn / East Africa




French Creol

The first step on our long journey found us on familiar ground, we once again we had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful island and people of Mauritius. Several years ago we had our first excursion to the island, in which our feet were firmly planted in the sands of the countries stunning beaches.

However on each subsequent visit we have had the opportunity to explore Mauritius further, and learn more about it’s history, culture and people. Despite the islands modest size of 2,040 km², there is a great deal to see and experience. Set in some of the most striking landscapes one could hope to see are fascinating temples, markets and festivals.

The people we have met on the island always seem to be willing to share their thoughts, beliefs and food with us, in a refreshingly open way. They are remarkably accepting of the various religious beliefs found in Mauritius, there is a sense of peace here that goes beyond the stunning scenery and sunsets.

‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.’

Mark Twain, 1896