Saint Aubin Rummary




Riviere des Anguilles

Scrolling through this post you might wonder: where’s the rum? The truth is we visited Saint Aubin Rummary during off season when there is no sugar cane to harvest and the recreated mill is closed. Dating back to 1819 the rummary is a beautiful place to visit whether in harvest season or not, and already bottled rum is always waiting for you here.

The distillery is named after one of its first owners Pierre Saint Aubin and the fields surrounding the rummary have been filled with sugar cane since it was opened in 1819. It is found in the south of the island and the approach to the old plantation manor is beautifully lined with trees and beyond them the plantation fields.


‘Dating back to 1819 the rummary is a beautiful place to visit whether in harvest season or not.’

manor house

What ones used to be the home of the owners dating back to the 19th century is now open to the public and has become and the house itself is a remainder of the colonial era architecture. Although it was moved from its original location in the 1970s due to sound pollution from the sugar mill it apparently still looks the same now as then. The manor itself is a reason to visit but there’s more to it than architecture.

Around the original sugar mill chimney a small eco museum has been built with a functioning sugar mill. If you visit during the sugar cane season, between June and December, you can see the process of rum distillation there. But even though we visited when the museum was closed we still got to bite into some sugar cane. Someone in our company befriended the staff in the shop who had a pile of sugar cane lying around the back and they showed us the difference between a mature tasty sugar cane and a young not yet completely ripe one.

The main reason we came was the restaurant though. Situated in the old colonial manor it is open to visitors all year around. There you can taste traditional Mauritian cuisine like heart of palm salad, curries and of course try the local rum. Due to the many vegetarians in the Indian-Mauritian population many of the local dishes are vegetarian or vegan and it is always easy to find something that suits everyone. And rum seems to please most people so don’t be shy, order a few different flavours and taste some Mauritian specialities!